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To apply for the tenancy of one of our properties, each student must complete the Student Application Form. (This form can be downloaded using the link below).
Please fill in all sections including the Guarantors information. Once completed, please send to


Once both parties have agreed on your tenancy, we will be sending out Guarantors Certificates for your parent or guardian to complete.. It is an undertaking to pay your rent, your share of household expenses and your share of damages.. The Guarantors' obligation expires once all your commitments under the Tenancy Agreement are satisfied. We must receive a completed form before you take up residence. Below is an example of a Guarantors Agreement that can be downloaded. Please note this is only an example. An actual agreement will be sent to your guarantors individually


This form must be completed and returned to us by each of the tenants. We will check the form and then post it to the bank for you. We must receive the first rental payment on the commencement date of the Tenancy Agreement. The norm is a monthly deduction, though, if you wish, you may choose to pay in three instalments to coincide with Student Finance dates. (This form can be downloaded using the link below).


Once we have all the information required, we will draw up your Tenancy Agreement. This will have to be signed by all the students living in the property.
Below is an example of a Tenancy Agreement that can be downloaded


A £350 deposit per student is taken at the time of signing the Tenancy Agreement. This is then deposited with the "Deposit Protection Scheme" (DPS), who will then look after your deposit until the end of your tenancy

C G Lettings provide full buildings insurance to all of our houses and we try to ensure our properties are as secure as possible. However, we do not insure your possessions, we do recommend you arrange your own separate insurance cover.

All of our Student packages include Gas,Electric up to an agreed allowance. We encourage you to use the utilities responsibly. It is rare for students to exceed the allowance. Also included in the rent is Water, Broadband and Television Licence